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Weekly Update - 24th February

(French club is cancelled this Tuesday 03.3.20 and will be up and running next Tuesday 10.3.20)


What a great week back Hedgehogs. We have been doing some fabulous learning and we have done some great pieces of work since we have come back. 



In our Maths learning this week, we have looking at measurement. We have been measuring the length and height of objects using vocabulary such as longer, shorter, taller, smaller and other words like width and length. We have been measuring objects around the classroom using cubes, counters and dominoes. We looked at how we can make estimations  by predicting what the length may be. We then realised that measuring using these resources was not very accurate so we decided to measure for the first time, using a ruler. We talked about how a ruler has 30cm and we investigated the length of objects in centimetres. We have had a really practical week in maths and we have loved being investigators. If you have a ruler at home - maybe ask the children to measure some objects at home and to bring their results in!



In our English learning this week, we have been looking at a new genre of writing, letter writing. We started off our week with a cold task, writing a letter to the 'Repton King', asking his builders to stop building houses near the school, and to tell him to stop demolishing the school. The children were really engaged with this hook and we spoke about what to include in our letters. We then have been learning a new letter. We have been learning a letter addressed to Nick Knowles (yes, DIY SOS!), asking him to help build houses that have been devastated by the floods. We have come up with reasons for why Nick Knowles should rebuild houses and we have produced story maps on this.



In our topic lessons this week, we are nearing the end of our Australia lessons before we focus on our science for this term. We looked at what life was like for an Australian child, and how it differs from a UK child. We compared the lives by using a Venn diagram. After this, we spoke about the differences in weather and seasons and we learnt that Australian seasons happen at different times in the UK.  Ask the children, if they think that daytime and nightime are different too in Australia, in comparison to the UK.


The children have been absolutely amazing. Next Thursday is World Book Day, so please can the children bring in a costume that is relevant to a book, on that day.