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Weekly Update - 2nd March 2020

What a wonderful week that we have had in Hedgehogs this week! 


With the excitement of World Book Day on Thursday 5th March 2020, the children have been engaged in all sorts of reading activities.

Each day, the children went and listened to an adult in school read one of their favourite books over the course of the week.



In our English learning this week, we have focused all our English on one of my favourite books, The Storm Whale. It is about a boy who is lonely as his dad is always going to work. As the boy is wandering on a beach, he encounters a beached whale, with whom he develops a friendship with as the boy nurses the whale in his bath tub. The dad eventually finds the boy with the whale and they decide that they best thing to do is to set the whale free. The children have really enjoyed the book and we have done many activities about the book.

  • We became mini actors and actresses, acting the story of the Storm Whale.
  • We then planned a setting description around the Storm Whale.
  • We then wrote up our setting descriptions and they can be seen on our Writing Progress walls.

The children have really enjoyed this week. We also did some games on World Book Day such as hot seating and draw your World Book character. Go to the bottom of the website to see a picture of our class in World Book Day costumes!



In our Maths learning this week, we have been doing a lot of measuring and estimating this week. We have looked at measuring the mass of an object by using scales. We have used vocabulary such as lighter, heavier and balanced. We have also found out how to weigh an object by using cubes and dominoes and we have made predictions (estimations) as to what the weight of an object could be. Ask your children to hold two items at home and to compare them using heavier and lighter. Which items weighs more?

Next week we will be looking at measuring the capacity and volume of liquids. 



In our Topic learning this week, we have been looking at seasons and weather in Australia and in the UK. We happened to discover something unique about the two countries - currently in Australia it is summer, and in the UK it is the end of the Winter. We learnt by looking at data and graphs, that Australia's seasons are opposite to ours! We then looked at how daylight changes in the UK and how there are more daylight hours in Summer than in other seasons. Next week, it is British Science Week and our chosen continent is North America. We will be looking at the different biomes in North America and how North America is so diverse.


What a great week Hedgehogs, well done!

Pictures from the week (including World Book Day pictures)