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Weekly Update - 3rd February 2020

The Hedgehogs have been working really hard in all areas of their learning this week. One value that is closely linked to Pride is being independent, and each member of the Hedgehogs class has worked independently at some point this week, so really well done.


Phonics Screening Check

Earlier this week, I gave children a little reading activity where they read 20 real and 20 'nonsense' words off a screen and the children had to sound and blend the words that they saw. The reason that there are 'nonsense' words is because the check demonstrates to the teacher if the children can decode unfamiliar words, using the existing sound knowledge that they know. I gave children a practise paper and the children did brilliantly in this! I did not share the scores with the children, and in the real check in June, I will not be able to tell the children the number of correct spoken words. If you would like to come and discuss your child's scores, or want more information on what the check is about, then I am more than happy to answer questions regarding this. Please come and see me for any information.


I will be doing a presentation and a letter about the Phonics Screening Check and all information regarding this, in the next term. 



In our Maths learning this week, we have continued our work on Place Value up to 50 and we have been looking at the importance of tens and ones. We looked at how we can compare two digit numbers by looking at the number of the tens value, and then look at the number of ones if the tens values are the same. We have been using <, > and = to compare. If you fancy challenging your children in comparing numbers, see if your children can compare these numbers;

34    (   )     43

32    (   )     30

23    (   )     23

50    (   )     28

31    (   )     37



In our English learning this week, we have been innovating the instructions of How to Build a Hedgehog Home. We innovated the instructions to become How to Build a Dragon Home. We talked about how we would need to change the original instructions and talked about the materials, steps and other things we would need to change of the instructions. Next week we will create our own instructions for building a home. 

Ask your child if they can recall the instructions to build a Dragon home.



In our Topic learning this week, the children have been really enthused and engaged by our current work on Australia. In pairs, the children have created newspaper articles about the Australian fires. They have used their learning in the past few weeks to explain what is happening, how are the fires caused and how can people help. The newspaper articles are currently displayed in our bay.


What a great week Hedgehogs, one more week till a half term!


Mr Armishaw