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Weekly Update - 9th March 2020

We have had a really good week this week.



In our maths learning this week, we have been consolidating our work on measuring the mass of an object. We were able to compare the mass of two objects by using scales and by looking at scales on a picture to work out which item was heaviest and which item was the lightest. Towards the end of the week, we have started to look at measuring liquids. We have learnt two news words this week. We have learnt the word volume - which means the amount of liquid in a container, and capacity - the amount that a container can hold.  We had a very messy investigation activity where we had to measure the capacity of a big bottle by measuring the amount of smaller bottles that can fit inside the container. We worked in groups to work out how many full bottles of liquid could fit inside the bottle. We counted up the empty bottles and worked out the capacity of the big bottle in small bottles. We then extended this to find the capacity of two big bottles, and then we found that we can use addition to find out what the capacity of a big bottle could be! If you have chance at home, ask your child what is volume? (Maybe show them four cups with different amounts of liquid in each one). Or ask your child how many glasses of water can fit inside a jug? (Or you could use any other container). Pictures from our activity can be found at the bottom of this page.



In our English learning, we have been continuing our work on letter writing. We decided as a class to change the letter to Nick Knowles, to become a letter from Noi to the Storm Whale. We went through the thought process of writing a letter, looking at questions we might want to ask the Storm Whale, the address of Noi and the Storm Whale, and the date of the letter. The children have produced some fantastic pieces of work this week. Next week, the children will be inventing and planning their own letter. To get children in the spirit of letter writing, show your child a letter and ask children to identify the features of a letter. 



This week it has been British Science Week. As part of the British Science Week's Motto this year 'Our Diverse Planet', each class had to select a continent to study for the week. Hedgehogs chose North America to be our project for the week. We looked at biomes in North America as North America is the most diverse for biomes. We built a biome map of North America by using natural materials such as grass, sand, leaves and pom poms (artificial!). We then looked at different animals in each biome and how they are adapted to life in those biomes. An example of our biome can also be seen in the pictures below. 


As part of British Science Week, and the recent virus that is occurring, we also had a very important lesson on personal hygiene. We did the glitter germ experiment. This is where we showed the spread of germs by placing glitter on one person's hand and shaking hands with the other members of the class. We then talked about the importance of washing hands thoroughly using warm water and soap for 20 seconds (or to the tune of Happy Birthday 2 times!)  Pictures of our activity can be seen below. 


A great week Hedgehogs, 3 weeks till another break!


Pictures from the week