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Weekly Update - WC 11th November

What a great week for the Hedgehogs this week!


In Maths this week, we have had a week of subtraction! We have used number lines to subtract.  We have also looked at using the bar models to find the difference between two numbers. We have also compared using < , > and = symbols to compare addition and subtraction number sentences.


In English this week, we have invented our own stories, based off the story of the Wonder. The children had to think of their own dreams and write about their dreams in a story. The stories are amazing and they can be viewed on the Writing Progress wall in our classroom.


In our Topic this week, we have been continuing our work on the senses and we have looked at our sense of touch this week. The children had to put their hands into boxes and describe what they could feel. Some of the objects were jelly, peas, leaves, cuddly toys and even baked beans! The children loved the experiment, they had a lot of confused looks on their faces!

Pictures from our Sense of Touch Experiment