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Weekly Update - WC 14th January

We have been working really hard in the Hedgehogs' class this week. 


After our visit from James, we investigated different animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest. In our topic lessons, we have looked at grouping animals into different categories; mammals, fish, insects, amphibians, bird and reptiles. The children loved learning about unique animal that they have never experienced before and putting them into groups based on what they looked like. Next week, each child will choose an animal and write a fact file about that animal. 


In our English lessons, we are rehearsing and imitating the recount of "A Day at the Zoo". There are many zoo animals in the recount so we are using a lot of actions to portray the animals. We have created a story map of the "Day at the Zoo". We have also looked at the conjunction 'but' and how we can use it in our writing. Next week, we will be innovating our recount by changing one element of the story. 


In our Maths lessons, we have looked at addition up to 20. We have looked at how we can add a one digit number to a two digit number using the number line, a part whole model and a bar model. Next week, we will be looking at subtraction of numbers up to and from 20. 


Our visit from James was a special treat and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with him and his unique animal friends. Information and photographs can be found on the Hedgehog homepage.


Great second week back Hedgehogs!