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Weekly Update - WC 15th October

Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents who came to our Parents Evening on Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you for waiting patiently, and I am sure it was worth it to hear all the praise for the Hedgehogs because they are all fantastic. 


This week in Maths, we have been exploring commutative addition sentences further and we have finally grasped it now, some of the children have gone home and brought in their commutative sentences that they did at home! We have also looked at number bonds to 10 and we have been thinking how to find systematic bonds 'systematically'. So we counted spots on one 'wing' of a ladybird, and kept moving the dots to the other wing. We wrote addition sentences for each bit of the process and identified commutative sentences. Next week, we will look at how we can compare number bond sentences such as 5 + 2 < 1 + 3. We will be using our 'crocodile signs' to help with our learning.


This week in English, we have been finishing our work on Caveman Dave, well Cave Girl Ava actually as we innovated the story. We then thought of ways we could change the story event more, to invent it. The children then produced a piece of work in their neatest handwriting about Cave Girl Ava going missing. The children produced really good Wanted posters and they are displayed our own 'Writing Progess' wall. Next week, we will be looking into WW1 and we will be producing diary entries documenting life going into war. We will be doing this through the perspective of a teddy bear, learning the importance of the teddy bear.


In Topic this week, we investigated why the Woolly Mammoths became extinct after the Ice Age. To do this, we linked our computing work to our topic. The children had to follow an algorithm (a set of instructions) on the computer to find out the reason behind the Woolly Mammoths extinction. The children really enjoyed the challenge. Next week, our topic will be on WW1 so we will do lots of art activities relating to WW1. 


Please remember to bring a shoebox for next week's art projects. Newspaper and a photo of a male member of the child's family would be greatly appreciated. 


Next Thursday (25th October) at 2:45pm, you are invited to view all the topic work that we have covered this half term. Topic projects need to be on the Wednesday (24th October) so we can organise the classroom in readiness.