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Weekly Update - WC 17th September

This week in the Hedgehog class, we have produced some outstanding work and learnt some new things this week!


In English, we learnt about 'adjectives' and children were able to come up with some amazing descriptive language about the characters of the cave baby, the mammoth and the cave. See our working wall on our English page to see some of the ideas that the children came up with! The last few days, we were getting our heads around the Cave Baby story and trying to sequence the story using actions. The children were in groups and performed the story to the rest of the class. They really understood the story and the significant events of the story. We used our actions to 'box up' the story into the 'start, the middle and end' of the story and children were able to isolate the most important events of the story. Next week, we will be changing one part of the story as a class and we will understand how that change affects the rest of the story. 


In Maths, we consolidated our learning of counting forwards and backwards, but we extended our learning to cover the topic of one more, and one less. Children used dice and dominoes to count one more and one less, and the children were very confident in finding one more. A lot of children even attempted the hard word problems! Next week, we will be learning about 'greater than, less than, and equal to'. This is a hard concept, so we will spend a few days working with cubes and the 'crocodile' signs to ensure children understand it, before attempting word problems.


In Topic, we looked at our senses and how we have 5 senses that we use on a daily basis. We related our senses back to Poole's Cavern and how we used our senses there. We looked at sight, hearing, seeing, tasting and touching and related it to our experiences in Poole's Cavern. In Art, we looked at cave paintings and we were trying to practice shading and sketching in the style of a caveman, painting the things that were important to them. In our lesson on Geography, we looked at continents and how Earth was a jigsaw. Next week, we will look at a cave in another continent and see how it is different to Poole's Cavern. 


Finally, a big thank you to the parents and the children that came to Thursday's 'Meet the Teacher' evening. If you have any queries or questions, get in touch with Parent Mail or alternatively you can meet me after school.