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Weekly Update - WC 21st October

What a fantastic term for the Hedgehogs. Very proud of each and every one of them, for settling into a new term, settling into a new classroom and with a different way of learning. They all deserve  a well earned rest.


In our final week of this term, we looked at the book "The Wonder" - a lovely imaginative story by Faye Hanson that focuses on not stopping children's imagination. We learnt the story through story mapping and through our Mighty Writer wall. After half term, we will be innovating the story and we will even have a special guest come to our class to teach us some magic to do with "The Wonder".

In Maths, we have been learning how to find a missing part when given one part and one whole. The children learnt how to find the part using counters, using number lines and using our fingers to count on from the remaining part to the whole. After half term, we will be looking at the subtraction symbol and learn how to subtract by crossing off and through counting backwards.


In Topic, we have been doing some more experiments. This week we have looked at our sense of hearing. We have been learning how sounds can be heard through sound waves and vibrations that hit our ear drums. To test this, we played instruments next to a sealed cup with rice on top of the cup. We then tested to see if the rice vibrated on top of the cup. This would test if the sound made vibrations. The children made a lot of noise! After half term, we will continue to invesitgate our senses by looking at our sight and touch after half term.


Christmas production: The children have now been given their parts, their costume ideas and their speaking parts. If your child has not received their part, it is because they will be given a singing part. As we are still adapting the scripts, your child may receive speaking parts as well.


Spellings: Unfortunately, I took in Spelling books at the end of term as I removed children's passwords for Spelling Shed accounts. I forgot to return the Spelling books after half term. Therefore, there are no spellings to practice over half term. The Hedgehogs have worked so hard so they deserve a break. Apologies for the inconvenience. Spellings and the books will return back to the children on Monday 4/11/19. 


What a great term! Well done Hedgehogs.


Mr Armishaw