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Weekly Update - WC 24th September

Fantastic learning for the Hedgehogs this week!

In Maths, we have been learning new symbols to compare numbers. We have learnt the symbols ""<, > and =" to compare two numbers together. We then learnt what each symbol meant, understanding that < is less than, > is greater than and = is equal to. We have learnt the rule that the 'crocodiles' face the biggest number. Once we have compared numbers, we then wrote sentences to explain what the number sentence read for example;

6 < 10 - 6 is less than 10.

The children have done really well with this new, tricky concept and I am impressed with their attitude to tackling comparing numbers.


In English, we have finished innovating the story of Elmer and this week, we created our own invented stories, based on the story of Elmer. The children got to create some fantastic ideas or creatures for their stories; we had ideas ranging from unicorns, to dinosaurs and even some Hedgehogs were chosen as their desired characters. We then created our stories. The stories are displayed on the Writing Progress Wall in the Hedgehog classroom.


In Topic, we have finished looking at toys in the past and how toys have changed over time, by looking at today's generations, our parents' generation, our grandparent's generation and the Victorian generation. We were surprised that Lego has been around for so long. Then at the end of the week, we started to design our own toy. We firstly looked at how toys are presented to us by looking at the packaging of toys. We then decided that to make our toy look good, we need to create packaging that will make people want to play with our toy. We then painted and designed our own box. Next week, we will create our own toy by cutting old fabric. 


What a great week Hedgehogs!