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Weekly Update - WC 2nd December

2 more weeks till the end of term and what an incredible week the Hedgehogs have had this week.


The Hedgehogs and Owls performed for the very first time together at the Repton 400 Hal stage. On Thursday, we had our dress rehearsal and got into our costumes for the first time. The children had a mixture of feelings; some were excited, some were nervous and some just wanted to get it over with! On the Friday, we performed to the whole school and the children delivered their lines and songs so well. We are very proud of the work they have put into their production. Next week, will be the big performances to the parents and we can't wait to show you their amazing production. 


In our Maths learning this week, the Hedgehogs have been learning their numbers from 11-20.  Not only have we been learning how to write the numbers in words and number, but we have also learnt how to show these numbers using a new resources; base 10 (also known as dienes). We have been using base 10 to show numbers from 11-20. The children have been doing some amazing work using their tens and ones, and we are starting to realise that numbers like 14 is made up of 1 'ten' and '4 ones', rather than a 1 and a 4. If your child is drawing a lot of lines and dots at home, then this may be why!


In our English learning, we have started to plan our own senses poem. We started to look at words that rhyme first which is quite a tricky thing for Year 1. We then looked at adjectives to describe the rhyming words that we came up with. We had all sorts of imaginative sentences such as a pretty, purple rose to minty, smelly mintoes! Next week, we will be writing up our poems and editing them next week.


What a great week Hedgehogs, not long now until you get a well deserved break!