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Weekly Update - WC 30th September

Great learning this week Hedgehogs.


This week in Maths, we have finished our learning on Place Value. We have looked at ordering numbers from the smallest number to the greatest number. We then looked at trying to find the missing number in a sequence. We finally have looked at a new concept - the number line! We looked at how number lines start from 0 and go all the way to 10.. We then drew number lines on the playground and looked at how the numbers are spread evenly along the line. We then used the number line to find one more and one less of a number. Some children even challenged themselves to find answers to addition sentences by showing 'jumps' on a number line.


This week in English, we have started to learn our new genre of writing; the Non Chronological report. We are currently learning a non Chronological report text on the Human body. We are familiarising the text with ourselves by learning a story map and using actions to help us remember the text. We have also learnt what conjunctions are; learning that these words combine two sentences together. 


In Topic this week, we have created our own 'Amazing Me' toys and packaging. We have cut pieces of fabric to form a doll (thanks for all the fabrics and shirt that were provided) and then we stuffed them with fluff. We then decorated our toys to make them look realistic and like ourselves! The toys will be available to view on the Topic afternoon.


A great week Hedgehogs, well done!


Mr Armishaw