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Weekly Update - WC 3rd December

in the Hedgehogs' class this week, we have worked really hard on our Christmas production 'The Inn-spectors'. We went to visit the Repton 400 hall for the first time on Thursday and the children were astonished at how big and grand the theatre hall was! We performed a rehearsal on the Thursday and the next following day, we rehearsed to the whole of the school! Some of the children were a little nervous, but the way the children performed you would not be able to tell that they were nervous, they were amazing! We hope they will deliver to the same standard on Tuesday and Thursday, we are really excited to perform for you. 


In maths this week, we have been working on using concrete resources to help us with numbers from 11-20. We have been using the base 10 to make numbers past 10 and we are recognising now that we do not need to keep on counting all the way up to 10 to count to 20. The children have been really successful this week, and we are moving on to using numicons, number tracks and eventually (the children's favourite) part-whole models to show numbers to 20.


In English this week, we have learnt how to edit our work this week. We corrected our letters, full stops and learnt how to check if it makes sense. We then wrote up our lovely work neatly so it can go up on our working wall. We will be starting our next unit of Talk 4 Writing next week, information texts!


We have started to create some lovely Christmas decorations and getting into the swing of the Christmas spirit.


Thank you to all the parents that came to the Maths Curriculum Evening. The powerpoint can be found in the 'Parent Information' part of the Hedgehogs' website, or on the Maths Curriculum homepage. I have also attached the White Rose units so you can see where the Hedgehogs are in their learning.


Finally, if you are available to walk with the children on either Tuesday 11th or Thursday 13th, please let one of the KS1 team know. We will be setting off from 12:30pm. 


The Hedgehogs have been working really hard and I am very proud of them, as always!