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Weekly Update - WC 4th November

The Hedgehogs came back well rested and ready for a new half term of work.


This week, we have continued with our WW1 work in our topic and we have produced some absolutely fantastic work We have added more work into our time capsules, which will be on display on Friday. Our focus this week has been on what life was like in the trenches for the soldiers in World War 1. We created our own trenches in our forest school. Each child took a turn at digging a part of the trench (and we did get a bit muddy!). We then stamped our muddy feet onto some paper so the children have a picture of their footprint during WW1. We then wrote about our experiences as if we were a teddy going into the trenches (as teddies were given to soldiers to make them think of home). We then learnt about the Christmas Truce 1914 and drew pictures depicting the scene. We also baked a trench cake. The trench cake's significance was that it did not involve many expensive ingredients and was a stodgy pudding that could last quite awhile. We then wrote a recipe of the Truce to include in our shoe boxes. We have produced some lovely written and artistic work, and we cannot wait for you to see them.


In Maths this week we have been looking at subtraction. We are starting to use the word 'subtraction' instead of take away and we are learning how to apply it to picture problems. We first looked at how to subtract using concrete resources, then we moved on to look at picture problems. Finally we are starting to understand how bar models can show subtraction.