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Weekly Update - WC 8th October

If you have any items that you would like to donate for the Harvest festival, please send them in with your child before next Monday. 

This week in Maths, the children have been working really hard on the Part-Whole model. It is a complicated model but we have finally cracked it. We were demonstrating how we can use counters, pictures and numbers to add two numbers (two parts) to make a whole. On Friday, we related this to writing number sentences. Some of our work can be found on our Maths Working Wall, or the children can show you at home. Next week, we will be continuing with addition and look at commutative number sentences. We will look at how in an addition sentence, the numbers can be 'swapped' around and you will still get the same result. 


This week in English, we have been innovating our story of Caveman Dave. As a class, we have changed him from a caveman to a cave girl, Cave Girl Ava! We also changed other parts of the story and we have created a story map that explains what happens in the story. The children really enjoyed innovating the story and we used some creative sentences in our work. Next week we will be continuing our work on innovating the story by looking at what a good poster looks like (WAGLL) and on Thursday next week, we will do our HOT WRITE of the story. 


We have been practising with the Otter Class for our Harvest Song, Harvest Samba. If you would like to view the song, please visit the link below;


In Topic, we used actual wool to create woolly mammoths and the children really enjoyed this activity! Their work is in the bay area in the Hedgehog class so during Parents Evening next week, please take the opportunity to go and see their amazing mammoths. We talked about what we think they may have looked like, looked at a mummified woolly mammoth and did some research. In our Computing lesson, we also learnt how to use the search engine to find images from the Ice Age, which helped with our Topic learning. We touched on some key words as well such as extinction, hibernation, glacier, and freezing in our lessons ready for next week's lesson on "What caused the mammoths to become extinct?".


In PE, Miss Port came and taught the children how to create a team game. The children continued with their PE work from last week and worked on creating rules for their games. The children were also treated to a fitness exercise at dinner time. A member from the Derbyshire County Council sports association ran a 'Glow Stick' session and a dancing session at dinner times that really got the children energised and moving. 


A date has finally been confirmed for the Topic Project hand in. If the topic work could be due on Wednesday 24th that would be greatly appreciated. Parents are welcome to come to see our Topic Project display and stories at 2:45pm on Thursday 25th October. 


Parent's evening slips have now been given back out to the children with allocated time slots. Parent evening appointments last 10 minutes. If you have any queries about your parents evenings, feel free to get in touch. The children's books will be in the hall for you to come and look at. Please browse your own child's and not other children's. Looking forward to seeing you there to talk about the fantastic Hedgehogs!