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Weekly Update - WC 9th December

1 more week till its the start of the Christmas break! We are so close to finishing after a long Autumn term, and all the Hedgehogs are deserving of a 2 week break.


This week, children in KS1 performed their nativity production of 'Straw and Order' to parents on Tuesday and Thursday. The children performed exceptionally well and we are so, so proud with how they conducted themselves in the Repton 400 Hall, how they delivered their lines and performed their songs. They performed even better than their performance to the whole school. A big thank you to all the parents who provided costumes for their children and helped children deliver their lines. We would also like to thank the parents who helped walk the children to and from the Repton 400, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to come with us (and get a little sneak preview of the production!). And another big thank you to our Year 6 narrators who not only walked with us to the Repton 400 hall, but delivered their narrator lines with confidence. 


In our Maths learning this week, we have been focusing on finding one more and one less of numbers between 11-20. We have continued to use our base 10 resources to physically show one more and one less. We have also started to compare numbers by looking at the number of tens and number of ones in a number. Next week, we will be using the language of greater than, less than and equal to compare three numbers, and we will be learning to order numbers from greatest to smallest. 


In our English learning this week, we have written our own senses poem, based on the plans we did last week. The childrens' poems are so imaginative and funny, we would highly recommend you coming to have a look at our work on our Writing Progress wall.


Important News

Next Monday afternoon, we will be walking to St Wystan's church for our church service. We are looking for volunteers who are able to walk down with us to the church. If you are free, would you please see a member of the KS1 team. 


Next Tuesday afternoon, we are having our KS1 production. All children received a slip of paper, detailing what each child should bring to the party. If you could please provide the food and pass the food to a member of the KS1 team by Monday 16th December or the morning of Tuesday 17th December, that would be most appreciated. If you have any question regarding the KS1 party, please do not hesitate to come and speak to a member of the KS1 team. 


Many thanks!


KS1 Team.