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Wk beg 10th Feb

This week has been another busy one. We have continued with our work on algebra, and have come to the end of this. The children have all worked hard on this and have persevered well, especially as there have been some tricky bits.


We have concentrated on our class novel in our English lessons, we have finished the book, the atmosphere in the classroom towards the end was very intense.  This shows how much the children and myself and Mrs Eaton have engaged with the text.  Our final lessons have been about looking at the text as a whole and thinking about the themes.  We have also compared another of Polly Ho-Yen's stories, Where Monster's Lie, with Boy in the Tower. I am hoping to get a copy in the library! There is an extra homework challenge opportunity to write a letter to Polly Ho-Yen. (Please see homework section)


We have also conducted an experiment in our science lessons this week. We investigated whether the length of the wire affects the brightness of the bulb.  We had mixed results, so looked at this again.


Have a great week off.

Mrs Pushkarich and Mrs Eaton.