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Wk beg 11th Nov

We have truly settled back into school mode this week. We have had some discussions about bullying to mark anti- bullying week. The children came up with some great ideas about things that we can do in school and shared these with maturity. 


In Maths, we have continued to work on fractions, we have compared and ordered by finding common denominators and numerators; we have added & subtracted when denominators are the same and when they are different. This has involved using our multiplication knowledge to find multiples of the denominators. We have also looked at converting improper fractions and mixed numbers. A lot to remember this week, the homework will reflect this to consolidate learning.


In English we have been focussing on our choice of vocabulary, in particular powerful verbs and adjectives.  We have looked in a thesaurus to widen our vocabulary bank- I hope to see some of this language in the diary entries that we write next week. We have mapped out our main character’s journey through our class novel and put our red thinking hat on to consider how Daniel felt at different points throughout the story. I look forward to the writing we will produce from this next week.


In science, we were looking at the components of blood and the purpose of these. We made blood smoothies on Monday afternoon which the children really enjoyed, they assured me they tasted great!