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Wk beg 14th Oct

The Badgers did a fantastic job at leading the Harvest Festival at church on Monday morning.   We hoped your enjoyed it!

During our English lessons this week, we have been writing a biography about Ellen MacArthur. We used notes that we had made during our topic lessons and our own knowledge about Ellen.  Some of the vocabulary choices made by the children really show a great style and sophistication. 

In maths we have worked on, factors, multiples and prime numbers.  We have made learning our times tables a focus in school and it is clear who has been doing this at home too! Thank you for your support- it has meant that the children have been able to focus on problem solving and reasoning rather than taking time to recite their tables.

Lots of new book titles have appeared on our class display this week and we have enjoyed hearing about these books from the children.  We have started a book club this week for those children that were interested- our novel is Children of Winter by Berlie Doherty. Each child has a copy of the book and we will be reading sections at home and talking about this one lunch time a week.  Mrs Eaton and I are very excited. The children were too!

Have a fabulous weekend.

Mrs Pushkarich and Mrs Eaton