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Wk beg 18th Nov

This week has seen the completion of our English topic- Diary writing. The children have written extracts from the perspective of Daniel in the Nowhere Emporium.  They have written some great extracts and really immersed themselves in this topic. 

We have finished reading the Nowhere Emporium, this is such a brilliant book that the children have loved.  We were all very sad to hear the ending and know that we have finished the story.  The sadness didn’t last long though, as we have started reading ‘The Boy in the Tower’. This will be the basis of many of our reading sessions in class.  The children have decorated their reading journals, which is where all of this work will go. Having spoken to many of you Thursday evening it was great to hear that the children have already spoken to you about this.

In Maths, we have continued to work on adding and subtracting fractions, where we have looked at using different methods and the children have decided which method is the most efficient for them.  Towards the end of this week we have moved onto multiplying fractions by integers. The homework reflects this.

Thank you to everybody that attended parents evening, it was great to see you! Also a huge thank you to everybody that has bought from the book fair this year.  Some of the Badgers have done a brilliant job of running this during lunchtimes, they really took this responsibility seriously!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Pushkarich and Mrs Eaton.