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Wk beg 19th Nov

This week, we have been working on discussion texts in English.  The children have found this very interesting as this is a type of text that they have not worked on before.  We have learnt a model text-'Should children have longer days at school and shorter summer holidays?'  The children obviously had their own views on this- which we will use when we come to innovate. 


In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions at the beginning of the week and then moved onto multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by integers.  The children have done well with the fluency of this but we need a little more practise problem solving and reasoning- this will be at the start of next week. 


We were very lucky this week to have a visitor in class on Tuesday.  Dr Gladstone visited and spoke to the children about the heart and how it functions.  She also brought in a model heart and some stethoscopes for the children to use during their investigations. This was a great experience and the children loved using the stethoscopes.  They worked well as a team and got some great results for their investigations 'How does exercise affect heart rate?'


Have a great weekend.


The Y6 Team