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Wk beg 24th April

This week we have been super busy writing our stories with a flashback. The children have all worked very hard on these ensuring they include the toolkit for that genre but also the general writing toolkit that makes writing so exciting and varied. 


We have also been working super super hard to finish the maths objectives before May. We have had to complete maths lessons during the afternoons to do this. The children have worked hard on finding angles and looking at different shapes. We have started work on co-ordinates today in the first quadrant, which will continue next week. 


Alongside the English and Maths work, we have had discussions about screen time in our PSHE lessons and how  to ensure we have a healthy balance. Lots of great ideas, which I am sure are out into practise at home. 


We have spoken to the children about independent revision from now on in areas that they feel they need to practise. 


Have a lovely long weekend, 


The Ravens Team