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Wk beg 27th Jan

Everyone has worked hard this week, especially in maths- we have started algebra.  Initially the children found this tricky, when we introduced letters, but after our substitution lesson on Thursday, all of the children seem more confident with this.  We will be continuing this next week too, so any extra work at home may be useful. 


In English, we have been using double page spreads to help us with our planning.  After the first one of these, the children all did some fantastic writing based on a description of a forest- I was blown away at the quality of their writing. We will be using our other planning sessions to write a sci-fi story next week.


We have also made a good start on our topic work- ‘Leisure and Entertainment through the 20th Century’. We watched a clip of a silent movie and the children have turned this into a ‘talkie’ by writing a playscript to go with it.  We will act these out next week, which will mean some editing too!


Have a fantastic weekend.

Mrs Pushkarich and Mrs Eaton.