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Wk beg 29th June

Repton Primary School Memories


At this time of year, if we were in school, we would be asking you to think about the great memories you have of being at Repton Primary.  This does not have to be solely from year 6, it could be any time. You would share these in an assembly usually, however with the circumstances as they are, we will be doing this slightly differently.


We would like you to think of a memory that is special to you that you would like to share.  In school they are creating a backdrop and some props to use as they read/tell us their memory. It would be lovely if you did the same at home,


We would like you to record this and send this in via email (if you are at home). The idea is that we will create a little video of your memories which we can then share and will be nice for you to keep.


Please limit your memory to a minute each. (It can be shorter than this)

Please send this in by 3:15 on Thursday 2nd July.