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Wk beg 2nd March

This week we have started a new topic in Maths. We have focussed on finding the area and perimeter of rectangles, squares and compound shapes.  We have then moved onto finding the area of triangles. It became apparent that not all children are confident with the different types of triangles, we have briefly recapped this but this may be an area that your child needs to go over during their own revision at home.


As it was World Book Day this week we have based our English work on our class novel ‘The Children of the King’ We have looked at the characters in detail and have written diary entries.  These will be finished next week and some chosen to go on display in the corridor.


We had some fantastic costumes for World Book Day, and the day was enjoyed by all.  This week we launched a sponsored Readathon to encourage children to read more and also to help other children less privileged than us. Please support your child with this.  I have encouraged the children to challenge themselves when they are choosing what to read. 


This morning, we had a visit from a member of staff from John Port, for those children going there.   She spoke to the children and answered any questions they may have had.


Next week is British Science Week, so we will be spending some afternoon sessions focusing on different aspects of science. It is also assessment week across school, so we will be completing our last set of practise papers throughout the week. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Pushkarich and Mrs Eaton