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Wk beg 30th March

White Rose Home Learning


Please use the White Rose Home learning tasks (linked above) and do one of these each day. Watch the video and then have a go at the activity (which I have also attached below). White Rose have said that they will be uploading 5 new lessons each week over the next few weeks.


If you have got any questions about these lessons and tasks then please do get in touch with me via the email


I will do what I can to help and support and find additional resources for this if required. If I get lots of similar questions then I will send out a message to you all via Parent Hub.


Ratio, proportion and angles.


Below you will find each activity for each day this week. Please do go onto the White Rose website and use the videos to help you with these. They also have answers to each of the activities on their website for you to check afterwards.


Please make sure you are working on week 2 of the White Rose Page as we completed week 1 last week. Week 2 builds on knowledge from week 1.