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Wk beg 3rd Feb

This week, we have worked so hard on completing our Sci-Fi stories.  We have published our work, some children have written this by hand and others have word processed this. The writing that has been produced is brilliant, I am very proud of every member of the class.  I really enjoyed reading each completed story.


We have continued with our work on algebra too, this has been tricky at times, especially the reasoning and problem solving. Everyone has tried hard with this- keep up the hard work. 


During the afternoons, we have looked at circuits and voltage within circuits. We have also conducted an investigation into whether the length of the wire affects how the components work within a circuit.


Last week, in our topic lesson, the children had written a play script to go with a silent movie clip, they then became actors this week and tested their play script out- some editing was done during this session, and there was also a lot of laughter!


We have also had a taster session of GOAL (Game Of Actual Life) on Wednesday morning.  The children found this really fun and useful- possibly something we may continue in the summer term.


Thank you for your continued support with your children at home- many children have spoken about extra work they have done at home to help with their learning.


Have a great weekend,

Mrs Pushkarich and Mrs Eaton.