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Wk beg 7th Jan

Happy New Year! 

We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas break!


We have kicked off the new term with a new topic! Our topic is Entertainment and Leisure through the 20th Century.


We have already made a start on this by looking at the theatres. We watched a Charlie Chaplin movie, the children found it very odd that it was silent!  As Television was introduced the amount of people visiting the cinema declined. The children have written some persuasive writing to get people to go to the theatre again. I would have definitely been persuaded.


During our English sessions, we have started looking into creating suspense. Our Model text 'The Nightmare Man' is a great example of this. We have looked into the main character and how the author develops the character throughout the story. 


In Maths, we have been working on co-ordinate grids. The children are great at remembering the order for this- 'Down the Corridor and up/down the stairs'. We have also focussed on translating and reflecting shapes. This is what the homework is based on. 


We are also very lucky to have another adult working with us in Badgers- Mr Nicholls,  a student teacher,  who will be with us until the week after half term.


A great start to the New Year. Keep it up! 


If you have any queries regarding the CGP booklets, please send in a note or pop in- we are happy to help!

Reminder: the deposit for the residential trip needs to be paid by January 31st!


The Year 6 Team!