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Year 3

Here is the Maths for this week's Home Learning. Should you need anything, whether it be to show us your work or ask any questions, you can email us on:, or depending on which class your child is in. Click the link to watch the video that will support the activity your child has been given.


Please aim to do 10 - 15 minutes of fluency practise daily. This could be times tables or addition and subtraction practice. The links below will link you to lots of websites which can make this fluency practise a bit more fun and interactive. - Mathshed


As White Rose's plans involve lessons they have already done as part of home learning, please click the Vimeo links on the pdf below for each of the lessons. 


There are also some extension questions at the bottom of the page which are based around true or false questions. If you would like to do these the file name correlates to the lesson's or you might want to do them the following day as a bit of a recap. At school we like to do these a lot and they get the children to use their reasoning and mathematical language.


Thank you


Recapping adding lengths together.  Remember 100cm = 1m.  
Recapping subtracting lengths.
Recapping measuring the perimeter of different shapes.  Remember to include all sides in your calculation!
Recapping calculating the perimeter of a shape.  



Today you have a choice to make!


You can choose one, or a mixture, of these activities:


1. Maths Challenge - Take on the Friday Maths Challenge. How far can you make it down the challenges? Can you make it a family competition? 


2. Finishing off - Use this session to finish off any bits of work you didn't get a chance to. Or, if you found something tricky you could use this time to have another go at it until you feel more confident.


3. Games - Go on TTRS, Mathshed or other mathematical games and have some fun whilst practicing some important mathematical facts.