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Here is the Maths for this week's Home Learning. Should you need anything, whether it be to show us your work or ask any questions, you can email us on:, or depending on which class your child is in.

This link has a useful video for each day, giving you some handy tips and guidance:


Please note we are on week commencing May 4th as we started the scheme in the 2nd week of Home Learning.


Please aim to do 10 - 15 minutes of fluency practise daily. This could be times tables or addition and subtraction practice. The links below will link you to lots of websites which can make this fluency practise a bit more fun and interactive. - Mathshed

White Rose Guidance (recap and consolidation)

From now on, the focus will be recapping and consolidating previous objectives rather than teaching new concepts. We hope that this will make life a little easier at home as they will have some knowledge of the methods. There is a document above that explains this in more detail or please contact your child's class teacher for any further guidance. 


Multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. 


Use a mixture of counters and the formal written method to multiply 2 digits by 1 digit. Remember what happens if we need to regroup/exchange and your times tables knowledge will assist you with this greatly! 


Multiply 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.


Can you use your knowledge of multiplication to multiply 3 digits? Remember your place value and use the diagrams to help you understand the process. 

Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number (with remainders)


Think back to division and the process of sharing equally. Look at the examples of how they use counters and what happens when tens get regrouped as ones. Don't forget that if there's any left over at the end, they are called your remainders. Not every answer will have a remainder, only if the dividend is not a multiple of the divisor. 

Divide a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number (with remainders)


Continuing your work on division, you will now be looking at dividing a 3 digit number. Use the visual representations such as the counters and part whole models to show you the process of dividing a three digit number. Remember how to regroup from hundreds to tens and tens to ones if it cannot be shared equally. And there might be a tricky remainder at the end! 



Today you have a choice to make!


You can choose one, or a mixture, of these activities:


1. Maths Challenge - There is a baking one for the week commencing May 4th due to VE Day. Despite it being a week late you can still have a go or use the challenge from this week. 


2. Finishing off - Use this session to finish off any bits of work you didn't get a chance to. Or, if you found something tricky you could use this time to have another go at it until you feel more confident.


3. Games - Go on TTRS, Mathshed or other mathematical games and have some fun whilst practicing some important mathematical facts.