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W/C 05.06.23

Welcome back Owls! We are all looking forward to a busy last half-term! 


In maths, we completed our unit 'Time'! We finished the unit by converting minutes into hours. Show someone at home what you can do:

We then started our new unit of work: Measurement. This week, we started by measuring mass. We used balancing scales to compare items. Can you remember some of the things we compared? We then measured objects in grams using scales. 


In English, we started our new model text on letter writing. We boxed up the letter and explored the features of letter writing. We recapped our learning on time conjunctions and adverbs. Show someone at home what you can do:


Can you choose a time conjunction to include in these sentences? 


____________ , eat your breakfast. 

____________ , brush your teeth. 

____________ , get changed into your school clothes. 

____________ , go to school. 


Can you explain to someone at home what an adverb is? Find the adverb in this sentence: 


The boy quickly ran to the park. 


In science and design and technology, we designed our own plant pots out of recycled materials. We used pastels to decorate them. These were great fun to make! We then planted some grass seeds. What will you need to help it to grow?