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Updates W.C 18.09.23

We have had a fantastic week this week! The Hedgehogs are settling in beautifully into our routines and into the classroom. Look below to find out what we have been up to this week;



In our Maths learning, the Hedgehogs have been learning about counting forwards and backwards. With Mrs Ward on Tuesday, the children were rolling a die and counting forwards from their number, and then on Thursday, the children were practising counting backwards. We also listened to a song when counting backwards - click here to listen to it! We also tackled some tricky problems that Tiny (a turtle we see regularly in our Maths learning) had in store for us! I have put some quizzes on Maths Shed for you to have a go at that consolidate the learning that we have done in school


Can you look at this one with your grown-up and see what mistake has Tiny made when counting backwards?



In our English learning, we have been understanding how we can use adjectives to describe a character. We took the character of Zog and we looked at his various body parts. We then thought of some fantastic adjectives to describe Zog. Have a look below. Can you tell your grown-up an adjective to describe one of Zog's features?



We also wrote parts of the story of Zog. We had bits of the story map and a word mat to help us write sentences about the story. It was the children's first piece of big writing and they did really well so well done Hedgehogs!


Other Curriculum Subjects

In our History learning, we have been learning about what fun things there were to do 100 years ago. The children became history detectives and looked through different pieces of evidence such as objects, photographs and books to learn about what children did in the past. Some of the evidence that we looked at is below. Can you tell your grown-ups what the children are doing in these pictures? What was it like for children in 1920? Was it different or similar to now?


The children also learned in their Computing lessons about how to stay safe online. The children listened to the story of a penguin who gets an IPAD for their birthday and doesn't know how to protect himself from pop-ups, unexpected errors and unkind comments. We learned that it is important to ask an adult to help. After this story, we then went on the computers and continued our work on Sketchpad, learning how to format a background and add pictures to our work. 



The children will be given spellings every Thursday. The spellings match the phonics that they have done that week to embed the phonics learning into their minds. You can find your child's spelling near the front of their Spelling Book. The spellings are also available on Spelling Shed and your child's login information can be found on the front page of their Reading Record. This week's spellings are;


Have a lovely weekend!


Mr Armishaw