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W/c 2nd October 2023

Puffins class this week has been filled with making notes, research, double page spreads and rounding to 100 and 1000.  Read on to find out more…


In English this week we have really got into our Biography unit. We thought about the most effective way to make notes and used this knowledge and understanding to carry out research and make notes on a famous person.  We then used these notes to create double page spreads about them.  Share an interesting fact about the famous person you researched with your grown up?


Maths this week has involved us finishing our Place Value unit.  We have looked at rounding to 100 more or less and 1000 more or less.  We are now beginning our addition and subtraction unit.  Can you explain this True or False question to your grown up?

We have carried on our History unit focused on the Anglo-Saxons this week by learning about an Anglo-Saxons home and the jobs that they did. We looked at the features of their houses and what they had in them.  We also learnt about a number of different Anglo-Saxon jobs and how important they were around the village.


Within Science we began to think about what a complete and incomplete circuit looks like. The children tested a number of different circuits thinking about if the bulb in it would light or not.  We discussed that for a circuit to be complete the current has to be able to flow to and from a battery in a circular way.  Can you explain to your grown up if these circuits would work?

RE has involved us thinking about why Christians believe that Jesus is lots of different things to them.  We looked at the phrases that are used to describe him. For example ‘I am the Door’.  We thought about what these phrases mean to Christians and what they could tell us about Jesus.


As usual Spellings are both in the Spellings area of the website and in your child’s Homework diary.

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Mrs Karamucki