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Week beginning 11.09.23


Our Learning


Just like that, another week of this term is complete. We have been incredibly busy in Seals class and the days seem to be flying by! Our week has involved time capsules, fossils and French superheroes!


English –

We started our first writing unit this week, which is diary entries. So far this has involved comprehending the model text through symbol mapping, identifying features of a diary entry, and analysing the structure of a diary entry, using our model text as an example. Today, we learned what synonyms and antonyms are and used thesauruses to find synonyms and antonyms for various feeling words. We hope to use some of these words when we begin writing our own diary entries!


Maths –

We continued our place value unit of work this week. At the start of the week the children were tasked with representing numbers to 10,000,000 in different ways (words, numerals, counters on a place value grid, partitioning). The rest of the week has involved increasing and decreasing values by powers of 10, representing numbers to 10,000,000 on a number line, comparing and ordering any integer and rounding any integer. We will finish our place value work next week and move on to the four operations.



History –

We have continued our Ancient Egypt work this week with a focus on childhood. We discovered what it was like to be a child in Ancient Egyptian times, learning how it was different for boys/girls and for the rich/poor. Using what we had learned about childhood, we then spent the next lesson comparing Ancient Egyptian childhood to childhood today. We thought carefully about objects/symbols that could be used to represent childhood in Britain today and identified key similarities and differences between childhood in Ancient Egypt and childhood now.


Homework –

Children have been given Maths and English homework this week which relates to what we have been learning about in school. The tasks have been explained in class, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Homework is due in school on a Monday.


Spellings -


Year 6, List 1 – Challenge Words












Spellings given out: Monday 11th September 2023

Spelling test: Monday 18th September 2023


Please be reminded that our Meet the Teacher event will be happening after school on Monday 18th September. Do not worry if you are unable to attend on the day as all of the information will be available to view on the school website once the meeting has finished.


Have a brilliant weekend,


Miss Bailey