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W.C. 28.11.22

Another fantastic week in the Hedgehogs class. The countdown to Christmas has begun and we have started to decorate the classroom to make it look a bit more festive. We are also counting down the days to the Christmas production, and it is coming along so well!


Have a look below to see what we have been learning about this week.



In our Maths learning this week, we have been learning how to add and subtract by 1 and 2. We have been using our knowledge of place value and using number lines to work out the answer to some tricky problem-solving questions. On Friday, we also looked at something very challenging - fact families! Fact families are where we can find 8 different number facts from a picture problem. Take a look at the example below to see how we can do this!

We can start by finding addition facts and subtraction facts. Then we can swap the number sentence around the = symbol to produce the same sum. In class, we used scales to show this. Look at the pictures below. Can you create facts from these pictures?



In our English learning, we have been innovating our non-chronological report on rabbits. The children worked in pairs to come up with ideas on what they could do their non-chronological report. As a class, we voted on our favourite idea and we changed our report to be about rabbits!


We started to think of questions that we could ask about rabbits and we practised writing sentences using question marks. We then practised writing information to answer those questions. On Thursday, the children worked in pairs to produce a piece of shared writing about rabbits and the questions and information that the children thought about were incredible! Here are some of our examples below! Can you think of some questions that an alien might have when they first see a rabbit? What information would you provide them with? Next week, we will be planning and writing our HOT WRITES in our own non-chronological reports!




In our Topic learning this week, the children learnt about some of the most famous Ancient Egyptian inventions. Some of their inventions are around still to this today. We learnt about the uses of each of these inventions and how they helped people in society. Have a look at the pictures below. Can you tell your grown-up what each source is showing and what invention it is?




Have a lovely weekend everybody!


Mr Armishaw