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W/c 26th February 2024

Welcome back after a hopefully restful half-term.  This week has consisted of perimeters and fractions, lots of SPAG, some superheroes and the natural wonders of Iceland. Read on to find out more…


Year 3 finished their unit of Length and Perimeter this week and moved on to Understanding Fractions. They started of this unit by understanding the denominators of unit fractions and comparing and ordering unit fractions. Can you share the answer to this True or False question with your grown-up?

This week saw Year 4 carrying on with Perimeters.  We looked at missing lengths and how to work them out using addition and subtraction, as well as finding the perimeter of regular polygons.  Can you share the answer to this True or False question with your grown-up?

In English we have focused on Grammar and Punctuation.  We have looked at word classes, using and writing simple, compound and complex sentences and using apostrophes for both omission and plural possession.  Can you share some of the contractions of words that we have used with your grown-up if you can.


Our Geography lesson this week focused on the natural wonders that you find in Iceland. We learnt about the Northern lights, the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun, Diamond Beach, Blue Lagoon and a glacier that covers 8% of Iceland’s landmass.


This week also saw the introduction of a brand new spelling scheme, Superhero Spellings.  This scheme leads on from Monster Phonics which is the scheme we follow to teach Phonics in Key Stage 1. A superhero is matched to each sound pattern, which will in turn match to the spellings we cover each week.  For example this week, both Year 3 and Year 4 are looking at words that contain a variety of spellings for the long A sound.  We will introduce the spelling pattern each week in our Learn lesson, the children will practice and use this pattern in their Build lesson and they will demonstrate their understanding of it in the Show lesson (Spelling test).  We will carry on handing out spellings on  Monday and testing them on their list of words on the following Monday. If you have any queries about this scheme please do let me know.


Thank you


Have a lovely weekend

Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki