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W.C. 30.1.23

Another great week in the Hedgehogs' class! This week, we have experienced the thrills of a HOT WRITE, some drawing on tables, and making a lot of mess with paint! Look below to see what we have got up to this week.



In our Maths learning this week, we have continued our work on Place Value to 20, by working on estimating using a number line. To learn this, the Hedgehogs came into Monday seeing lines drawn all over the table! The children then had to plot numbers along their number line, by estimating where they could be. We worked out that the mid-point of a number line from 0-20, would be 10, and we could work out halfway between 0-10 and 10-20 to help us plot other numbers


Later on in the week, we then practiced comparing numbers to see which numbers are greater and which numbers are smaller. We looked at different representations of numbers from 11-20 and then we had to compare two numbers by looking at the number of tens and the number of ones. Look at the examples below, can you think of what sentences we can say to compare the two numbers? You could use greater than, less than, and equal to help you.



In our English learning this week, the children planned their own double-page spread for their invent this week. The children planned a story that had their own settings, characters, and problem. We had some fantastic, imaginative ideas such as flying Hedgehogs, talking clouds, magical unicorns, and even shieldbugs. The children wrote their HOT WRITES on Thursday and both Mrs Wain and I were so impressed. Well done Hedgehogs! Can you remember what your story was about? Here is Mr Armishaw's double-page spread below, can you think of a sentence to go with his story?






















In our Topic learning, the children wanted to find out where certain animals lived in Kenya, so we did just that! There are many nature reserves and safaris located in Kenya where animals live, but there are also areas where animals live more freely. The children were tasked with using clues to identify where the animals lived on a map of Kenya. The children had to use the NSEW coordinates to help them locate where they live. Look below to see a map of Kenya with some of its towns and cities. There is also a list of clues to the right of the map. Can you work with your grown-up and use the NSEW coordinates to locate where the animals live?


Spellings (also available on Spelling Shed)


Have a lovely and safe weekend!


Mr Armishaw