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W.C. 6.3.23

We have had such an exciting week, from having a visitor come to do some outdoor doubling work, to being weather reporters, to then having a lovely snowy day on Thursday! Look below to see what we have been up to! 


In our Maths learning this week we have had quite an exciting week. We started off our week by having Mr Newton come to teach about doubles in our new forest school. The children were really excited to be outdoors to practise a bit of Maths. We practised doubles by getting objects from outdoors such as conkers, leaves and sticks. We then doubled these objects by creating two groups of the same numbers. The children loved it and Mr Newton was very impressed with their behaviour! Look below for photos of our outdoor Maths. We also listened to a catchy song about doubles too! Here is the link to the video. We then continued our work on doubles by practising near doubles such as 3+4, 7+8, and 9+10. 


We also looked at subtraction towards the end of the week and we looked at how we can link subtraction facts to 10 with subtraction facts to 20! For example, 8 - 2 = 6, is very similar to 18-2 = 16 because they have the same ones, but one number has an extra 10! Have a go at answering these subtractions below.


9 - 3 = 

19 - 3 = 


7 - 6 = 

17 - 6 = 


5 - 1 = 

15 - 1 = 


In our English work this week, we have gone back to our work on recounts and we have innovated the life of a Kenyan child living in Nairobi. This week, we focused on how we can innovate writing by looking at how a Kenyan child might live in a Maasai tribe. We watched a video which you can find here. We then worked in pairs to produce a fantastic piece of writing about the life of a Maasai child. Look at the pictures of Naresiah's life, can you tell a grown-up anything you know about Naresiah's life? Can you write a sentence about her life, using time conjunctions, adjectives, and feelings?


Weekend Life        


Weekday Life        



In our Geography work this week, we have been learning more about how life in the city of Nairobi can be tough. We talked about some of the issues such as lack of medicine, lack of food, lack of electricity, and how it can be quite dangerous. We then talked about how the weather in Kenya is normally hot, but we asked ourselves whether it might rain Kenya. We talked about how there are rainforests, savannas with plants, and other green areas so the plants must get water. We then looked at graphs of how much it rains each month. We then pretended to be weather reporters and reported to the class about the weather in the UK and in Kenya! Here are our impressive actors and actresses!

Fun in the Snow!

We did take the opportunity to go out and have some fun in the snow too!

Spellings - 9.3.23 (Spellings available on Spelling Shed)


Have a lovely weekend everyone and I hope you stay safe and warm in the snow!

Mr Armishaw