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Week 3

This week we asked the question ‘What do bees do?’  The children found out all sorts of information about them such as their life-cycles, what they ate, the parts of their bodies, where and why they collected pollen, how they made honey and lived in a hive. 


We made a variety of bees in the art area.  Some children chose to make bee puppets; making a bee on a stick from their choice of materials.  Others made bees on cardboard tubes and we also had lots of great paintings of bees too.  They will be added to our minibeast garden display.


In English we brainstormed facts about bees and wrote a list of facts, using bullet points.  The children could remember so much, including facts like a bee’s wings beat more than 200 times a second! 


We are excited that there seems to be 6 of our chick’s eggs that have fertilised and are due to hatch around Monday or Tuesday next week.  We are keeping a calendar to count down the days.


In maths we explored odd and even numbers.  We began by sorting a small number of children into twos and noticed that some amounts always had one child left out (the odd one out).  We then used the numicon tiles to easily see which numbers had twos and which had an extra one.  These numbers are odd and the numbers that had twos are even.  We use jewels to take a small handful and see whether we had found an even or odd amount by placing the jewels into twos.  We also then placed the jewels on 10 frames to see the pairs (twos) to identify odd and even numbers.  We found that when we laid all the numicon out from 1-10 there was a pattern of odd, even, odd, even….  Some children were easily able to say that even numbers could be shared by 2 people and odd numbers could not.


Our Monster Phonics this week, we have been practising reading and writing cvc words and polysyllabic words (words with more than one syllable).  We also learned 3 new tricky words: I’m, very, old. We talked about the need for the apostrophe in ‘I’m’.  Please continue to read with your child regularly.  It really makes a difference to their confidence and fluency. Please also continue to use spelling shed.  Again, this really helps the children to develop confidence and fluency with their segmenting and spelling skills. 


Have a lovely weekend in the sun!

In PSHE we learned about money. We thought about what we needed money for, what we bought with money and different ways we paid with money. We then thought about jobs that people did to earn money and jobs that we could do to help at home to earn money. We then dressed as different grown up job roles and enjoyed role playing those jobs during the afternoon!