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W/C 20.11.23

Well done for another super week, Owls! 


In maths, we have been finding 10 more and 10 less than a number. Show someone how we do this (remember, the tens change but the ones stay the same):

We then applied this knowledge to add and subtract by ten (e.g. 34 + 40 and 56 - 20). We drew our tens and ones to do this and also tried using our column method. Which method did you prefer? Try the column method below (remember to always start with the ones!):

We have also been adding two 2-digit numbers (not crossing ten). We used practical equipment to help us with this. We then applied this to our column method. Have a look at our example below:


In English, we have been busy planning our very own conquering the monster tales. Tell someone at home about each section of your story:


Introduction - Who are your main characters? Where are they? What special item did they have?

Build up - What monster appears? How do they take the item?

Problem - Why is your monster difficult to defeat?

Resolution - How do your main characters get their special item back?

Ending - How do your main characters celebrate?


Once we planned our story, we then wrote these up. These were some of the features we included: 


- Expanded noun phrases

-  Adverbs 

- Question

- Exclamation sentence

- Co-ordinating conjunctions


I was SO impressed by the quality of these stories! All the children worked really hard and used their plans carefully. They should all be very proud of themselves! 


In topic, we have been exploring how men and women were treated during the Victorian era. We found out that women and men were not treated equally. Women were not able to do a lot of things that men could do such as voting. We learnt about Millicent Fawcett and the Suffragist movement. In groups, we travelled back in time and created a posters to help campaign for women's rights. Explain to someone at home why you think men and women should be treated equally.