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Week 3

We have had another busy week in Robins class.  We have continued our learning about maps. 

We went for a walk around school, talking about the different features we passed.  For example, our classroom, our playground, the main playground, the trim trail, the hall, kitchen and offices. As we walked, we drew each feature, to create a map.  Back in the classroom, we used the map to trace our journey around the school.  In groups, using large and small paper, the children created their own maps of the school by cutting out, and drawing each feature. 

The children understood that a map shows features from above, looking down.  We talked about how a map can only show things that don’t move such as buildings and roads.  Maps do not show people or cars. We also looked at an aerial photo of the school which was very interesting.  The children could identify the different parts of the school from the aerial photograph. 


In English, we continued our work about the book “Rosie’s Walk”.  We recalled the story, using our class story map and performed our actions.  This week, we started planning a new story.  We started our “innovate” section where we will change one thing about the story.  In our case, instead of Rosie the hen going for a walk around the farmyard, the children chose a new character.  Our ideas included a duck, lamb, rabbit and mouse. The children then created their story plan by drawing and writing their ideas.  We will use the story plans next week to write our new story.


In maths this week, we have been investigating mass and capacity.  We have used some balancing scales to compare the weight of different objects.  The children practised using the language heavy, light, heavier than and lighter than.  They enjoyed exploring and comparing the weights of different objects.


During our capacity activities, the children compared different sized containers, saying which was the biggest and smallest. We then counted how many scoops of sand it took to fill each container, making predictions beforehand.  The children recorded the scoops in a tally chart, making a mark for every scoop.  We then compared each container and discussed which held more / less and why.


To enhance our work about maps, the children also enjoyed programming the beebots, making them travel across a map to different areas. 


This week in Monster Phonics we introduced the character “Green Froggy” and the “ee” digraph.  The children practised reading and writing words containing this digraph.

We have also introduced the spelling app “Spelling Shed” in class this week and have demonstrated to the children how to log in and play the games.  The children have enjoyed practising spelling the words by tapping on the letters in the correct order. Please help your child to log in at home and practise their spellings. Log-in details are stuck to the inside cover of the reading diaries and have also been sent via parent hub.  Please speak to one of us if you have any problems with this. 


Finally, please continue to read with your child at home.  It makes such a difference.  Those children who read regularly at home are already making great progress with their reading.  Please try to read at least 4-5 times a week. We have also sent home a new set of words to practise and learn.


Balanceability Next Tuesday (PE kits please)

Next Tuesday we have some sports coaches coming into school to teach the children how to ride balance bikes.  They will bring lots of balance bikes into school so all children can practise.  They will focus on the skills, but also play some fun games to practise the skills. This will take the place of PE next week so PE will be Tuesday instead of Wednesday for this one week.  Please therefore send your child in their PE kit on Tuesday. 

Many thanks for all of your continued support.  Have a great weekend.

From the Robins Team

Photos of some of the things we have been doing this week