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Week 5

This week we learned about the life cycle of a chick.  We stuck our own pictures into a cycle and talked about how a chick grows and changes.  We then wrote our own information texts about the chick, such as “The hen lays the egg. The chick grows inside the egg.”


We watched a fascinating video of a chick hatching out of an egg.  We learned lots of facts, such as it takes 20 days for the chick to grow and then hatch out.  It uses a special tooth called its ‘egg tooth’ to peck its way out of the shell.


We also learned about the famous French artist, Claude Monet.  We looked at his painting ‘Water Lilies’ and made our own water lilies painting in the style of Monet.  We colour washed the watery, pond background with blue and green water colours.  We then made lilies to stick on the paining once dried, from paper.  They look beautiful.




We talked about how we have changed since we were a baby and reminded ourselves of our baby pictures that we brought in at the start of the year.  We talked about how we look different now and the things that we can now do that we couldn’t do then.  We compared ourselves to each other by ordering ourselves by height.  We noticed how we were all unique and individual and grow at our own pace.


We made bird feeders for our trees using lard and bird seed stuck onto cardboard tubes and hung with string. We hope we will see more birds to log down at our bird watching station.  


We were super lucky to spot a peahen nesting by the side of our classroom, in the long grass by the field!  We carefully and quietly went to look at her and wonder how may eggs she is lying on.  We hope to see the baby peacocks hatch one day soon.  How exciting!

In maths we continued number stories based on Jasper’s Beanstalk just like last week, but this time we wrote number sentences to show the problem.  Eg, ‘Jasper had 4 beans, he planted 3 of them, how many does he have left?’ and after using 10 frames and counters, we wrote the sentence 4 - 3 = 1


Our Monster Phonics this week, we have continued to read and write ccvc+ words using our previously taught digraphs.  We also continued to write and use our 3 new tricky words – ‘your, here, saw’.  Please continue to read with your child regularly.  It really makes a difference to their confidence and fluency. Please also continue to use spelling shed.  Again, this really helps the children to develop confidence and fluency with their segmenting and spelling skills.



Please see our Forest Learning section on our class webpage to see what we got up to this week.


Have a lovely weekend!