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W.C. 3.7.23

2 more weeks until the Hedgehogs go into Year 2! I know that the class is feeling a mixture of feelings and emotions during this period, but one emotion that I am feeling is proud because of the hard work they have put into their learning this week. Look below to find out what we have been learning about this week.



In our Maths learning, we have started our final unit which is all about time. This week, we have focused on certain vocabulary related to time, such as 'before', 'after', 'today', 'tomorrow' and 'yesterday'. We then moved on to look at the days of the week and the months of the year. We learned two songs to help us learn the orders of the days and the months. Here they are below if you want to have a listen!

Days of the week song: here.

Months of the year song: here.


Can you answer the questions below using the months of the year to help you?




In our English learning, we have been learning to write the story of the Storm Whale by using expanded noun phrases, and fantastic sentence starters such as 'carefully', 'eventually' and 'suddenly'. We have also learned some ambitious vocabulary that we can use in our writing! Have a look at the word mat below. Can you tell your grown-up what the word is, and what it means?


We have created some fantastic writing this week about the Storm Whale. On Friday, we innovated the story by changing certain aspects of the story such as the setting, the animal in danger and how the problem was fixed. Can you tell your grown-up how we changed the story?


Other Curriculum Areas


This week, we have started a mini DT project. We have spent a lot of time this week learning about how to design a product for someone. Our project is designing a mini 'moving' story for someone else. Some parts of our picture will move because we will be creating levers and sliders that the user can use to move parts of their story. The children got to choose someone in the class to design a story for. The children then listened to what their partner liked and then designed a plan for how their moving story would look like. Their designs were awesome and so imaginative!


The children then practised the skill of creating their own levers and sliders, so that next week we can make our moving stories come to life. We created levers and sliders based on traditional tales.


Transition Day

On Thursday, the children got to go in Mrs Taylor-Day's classroom to have a taster day of what it will be like in her classroom. The children had so much fun designing an owl to go on the wall of the classroom, creating a handprint owl, and showing off their writing and learning to Mrs Taylor-Day. All the children came back into the classroom with smiles!


Spellings - These are the last Spellings to learn in Year 1


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Mr Armishaw