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Updates W.C 18.12.23

We have made it! That is a 1/3 of the year done already and what a great term we have had. It is hard to believe that so much has happened in this short space of time but I have personally really enjoyed this term and getting to know this fantastic class. Our last week of term has been very busy but also very fun as well! Look below to find out what we have been up to.



In our Maths learning, we have finished off our learning on 2D and 3D shapes. This week, we focused on sorting 2D shapes by their properties. We looked at how some 2D shapes have points, some shapes have different number of sides, and some shapes have curved and straight sides. On Wednesday, we looked at creating patterns using 2D and 3D shapes. We looked at how we can create a repeating pattern of 2, 3 and 4 shapes. Have a look at the shapes below. What are the next shapes in the sequences below?



In our English learning, we have been learning about how we can write descriptive sentences. We have been learning about how to use adjectives in a sentence to describe a noun. We then learned how to use two adjectives in a sentence to describe a noun, known as an expanded noun phrase. Here is an example below;


To link it to the festive season of Christmas, we thought about expanded noun phrases about the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and senses of Christmas. The children worked in pairs to build a sentence, and then the children had a go at writing their own expanded noun phrases. Can you have a go at writing an expanded noun phrase for your grown up? Can you use two adjectives and a comma before the noun?



In our History, we have finished our learning of the past 100 years by looking at art 100 years ago. We looked at art that became popular 100 years ago and we looked at the art of cubism. We explored Pablo Picasso's 'Weeping Lady' and how his art was different to the art before him. We then had a go at creating our faces in the style of cubism. The children loved it, but at the same time found their drawings unusual!



KS1 Party and the Christmas Service

The children performed their song "Fit for a King" as well as other songs for our St Wystan's Christmas church service. The children performed and behaved beautifully. Thank you to those who helped walk with us to and from the church.


We also had a lovely Christmas party on Monday. We got changed into our party clothes and we played a few games such as Sleeping Lions, Corners, Musical Statues and 'Under and Over'. We then ate lots of party food which the children all enjoyed. Thank you to those who donated towards the cost of the food. Here is a photo of our class below!




I have not set any spellings for the Christmas break. Please read your child's Monster Phonics book and use the 'Time to Read' Monster phonics booklet to recap the digraphs taught so far. We have done all the way up to ew.   


Have a lovely Christmas break, get lots of rest and make sure to relax. Stay safe and Merry Christmas!


Mr Armishaw