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Updates W.C 01.07.24

Two more weeks to go until the end of term! The Hedgehogs have showed no sign of stopping their fantastic learning, but I think it is safe to say that we are all very tired! Look below to find out what we have been doing this week.



In our Maths learning, the children have been learning all about time. The children started the week by learning about o'clock. We learned that in o'clock times, the minute hand (the longer hand) is on the 12, and the hour hand (the little hand) is on the hour. We made times using some handheld clocks, which the children loved. We also then learned about half past as well. We learned that when a time is half past, the minute hand is on the 6 as it has gone 'halfway' around the clock, and the hour hand goes past the hour. Here are some clocks below. Can you work out the times with the help of your grown-up? Maybe if you look at your clock at home, maybe it is a time that you now know!



There are also activities and quizzes to do with time on Maths Shed. 



In our English learning, we have been continuing to learn features of a journey tale. We have been learning about what features we may find in a journey tale such as suffixes, punctuation and adjectives. We also learned about a new feature called alliteration. Alliteration is when words that are close together all begin with the same sound such as 'jolly, jumping dog' or 'the cool cat was crawling'. This makes work more exciting to the reader. We came up with some cool alliterations on Wednesday. Can you come up with some alliteration to describe the animals below? I have done one for you!



On Thursday, we also wrote the story of Stickman. The children used pictures from the Mighty Writer to write sentences about it. The children produced fantastic pieces of writing, with some children using alliteration, expanded noun phrases and full stops! Can you write a sentence about Stickman using all those features?


Science and DT

In our Science lesson, we finished off our plants unit by looking at the features of evergreen leaves and deciduous leaves. Here are two leaves below. Which leaf is evergreen and which one is deciduous? How do you know? Could you go out in the garden and find an evergreen or a deciduous leaf?


We then have been working on our DT work which for the next week is on Pop-Up books. We have decided to make plant pop-up books to showcase our knowledge of plants. We designed them on Wednesday and then we learned some of the strategies to make pop-up books on Friday. We will complete our pop-up books on Friday. Maybe you could show your grown-ups some of the techniques to creating a pop-up book? Or you could make one at home!


Transition Day

The Hedgehogs really enjoyed their day in Owls and everyone came back into the Hedgehogs classroom with happy faces,. If you have any questions about transitioning into Year 2, please let me know.


In our Phonics learning this week, we have been learning about the o (making the /oa/ sound), the prefix un that we can add to adjectives and verbs, and about 2-syllable words like thunder, and sunset.


Spellings - These will be the last spellings of the year. There will be no Spellings the week after.



Have a lovely weekend!


Mr Armishaw