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Week beginning 02.10.23

Our Learning


Well, another week has just flown by in Seals class! It has involved judgement, adaptations and divisions!


English –

This week, we have been preparing to write our own finding tale. This has involved using a double page spread to generate ideas, boxing up the model text and writing a written plan for our our finding tale. We look forward to seeing how their ideas transfer to a story when we begin writing next week!


Maths –

We have continued our four operations work this week, with a focus on division. This has involved using short division with integer answers, using short division to find answers with remainders, and using factors to divide. Next week, we will look at the method of long division and develop our problem-solving skills.


History –

This week, we have continued learning about ancient Egyptian beliefs. On Monday, we learnt about the gruesome mummification process. We found out why mummification was important to Egyptians and identified each step of the process. Children were then tasked with creating a comic strip or writing a set of instructions to demonstrate the process of mummification. During our second History lesson this week, we uncovered facts about the 'Boy King', Tutankhamun. We discussed key people such as Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon and how their discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb taught us a lot about ancient Egyptians and their lifestyle. The children were extremely fascinating to discover some of the many riches and treasures that King Tut had with him in his tomb! The children showed their knowledge and understanding of King Tutankhamun by writing a newspaper report or a diary entry from the perspective of Howard Carter.


Homework –

Children have been given Maths and English homework this week which relates to what we have been learning about in school. The tasks have been explained in class, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Homework is due in school on Monday.


Spellings -


Year 6, List 4 - Challenge Words












Spellings given out: Monday 2nd October 2023

Spelling test: Monday 9th October 2023


The children completed their first practice SATs papers this week. Although it was only the first practice, the children handled them brilliantly and we were incredibly proud of each and every one of the Seals. We have told the children not to stress about these papers or the results (especially as this is a first go and we are only 4 weeks into Year 6!), but please reassure them of this at home. The results and any development points we find from these assessments will be shared with you during parent consultation meetings.


Please be reminded that we will be going to Repton School on Tuesday (10th October) for our 'Viking Experience Day'! Children need to arrive at school for 8:20am. They should be in full school uniform and must bring a coat, packed lunch and water bottle for the day. Children may also bring £6 with them to purchase one of Tony Bradman's books.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Bailey