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Well hello there!!


Welcome to the Repton Primary School PTA Page


Here you will find lots of information on events, meetings and all of our fundraising efforts as well as details on how you can get involved.


The committee is always very grateful for any help offered to run events and fresh ideas for fundraising. Even if you can't make it to our meetings (which are fun because we meet in The Boot) then just an hour of your time would be brilliant! To get involved you can email or grab one of the committee in the playground.


Please join our PTA events Facebook page or our Instagram page rpsptaevents to stay up to date.


Your Committee Members


Chair : Adam Hough    

         Vice Chair : Emma Jones     

       Secretary : Joanne Bull      

  Treasurer : Marge Taylor



Who's who on the PTA?

Who's who on the PTA? 1

Latest news......

The first day back at school and Yr 6 were treated to a CSI day (half the cost of the course funded by the PTA). Marge and Emma were luckly enough to take part in the day as the kids learnt about crime scene investigations, DNA, fingerprinting and the criminal justice system. The day ended with a real-life interactive crime scene and the kids were able to take fingerprints and blood samples (fake thank goodness) and to try and solve the crime. Whilst the CSI day was good fun, the reason behind it was to support the childrens english work and they have done some super work following this.


Our festive Christmas Fayre was held on the 13th December and we raised an amazing £2056. Thank you to everyone who came and joined in the festive fun.


The new sound system has been fitted in the school hall and its fabulous! Marge and Emma were treated to a demonstration and were very impressed. Our future discos, fayres and assemblies will now be fancier than ever wink. This could not have been made possible without your help - so thanks! 


Please watch this space for further news of what the PTA is up to and has acheived with your help.

Next meeting.....

29th January 

7.30pm @ The Boot

Dates for your Diary

Dates for your Diary 1

January 2020 Update

January 2020 Update 1


Where possible, please could any PTA payments be made via bank transfer using the following bank details:



Account: 25303651

Sort Code: 60-12-01


This should hopefully save parents/carers time and ensures that the children are not carrying money around with them. A reference number will be issued for each event if online payments are preferred. 


We will also try and have a contactless payment system in place for all events where possible. Thanks! smiley