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Updates W.C 15.04.24

We have had a lovely, busy first week back in the Hedgehogs. First of all a massive well done and a thank you for coming back to school so positively! We have had a busy week in the sense that we are now preparing ourselves for the transition into Year 2, where children in Year 2 and KS2 do Maths and English daily. We started doing this as well on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and it has worked really well and the children have worked really hard. Look below to find out what we have been doing this week!



In our Maths learning this week, we have finished off our learning on Place Value to 20. We have done lots of learning this week. We have;

  • Partitioned two-digit numbers into tens and ones using part-whole models.
  • We have plotted numbers on a number line from 0 - 50.
  • We have estimated numbers using a number line, when only given the start and end number of a number line.
  • We have found one less and one more than numbers using a number grid.

There are games on Maths Shed that you can practice online to help you with the things above, or you can try and work out the numbers represented by the dienes below. Can you write the numbers for each of the pictures? Remember to count the tens first, and then the ones! You may even want to impress your grown-ups and do a part-whole model or a stem sentence!




In our English learning, we have been continuing our work on our poetry unit. We have been learning about how we can create our own rhyming words and rhyming sentences. We learned that to create a fantastic rhyming couplet we need;

- A noun

- An adjective to describe the noun (a noun phrase)

- A short sentence about what the noun is doing.

- A sentence that rhymes with the last word in the first sentence.


We worked in pairs to create some rhyming couplets. Here are some of ours below!


Snappy crocodiles snapping away,

Having a very lovely day. 


Tired, sleepy monkeys running around,

Never touching the ground.


Silent, quiet giraffes eating plants,

But they do not wear underpants!


Can you have a go at creating your own rhyming couplets at home? You can bring them into school and show the rest of the class!



This term, we are no longer focusing on History or Geography, but we are now having a term devoted to Science. We will be exploring the human body, plants, materials and seasons throughout the year.


This week we have been looking at the human body. We started this week by understanding the main body parts, including learning vocabulary that the children have not used much before such as adam's apple, thigh, calf, shin, waist, wrist, ankle, heel, earlobe, nostrils and elbow. We then had a fun activity where we worked in groups to draw around a child and label as many body parts as we could! Here are some pictures below! Can you name any body parts? Maybe make a list and see how many you can come up with!

We also learned about the five senses. We listened to a catchy video to learn about the 5 senses and what body parts are used for the 5 senses. Here is the video if you would like to listen to it. What are the 5 senses? What are the body parts associated with the 5 senses?



This week in our phonics, we have recapped the e-e, o-e and u-e phonemes. Please use the time to read sheets or QR codes to consolidate this learning.


Spellings (Also available on Spelling Shed)


QR Codes for this week

Please take the time to practise these real and nonsense words;


Have a lovely weekend, and well done Hedgehogs for a great week back!


Mr Armishaw