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Week 5

This week we have continued our learning all about The Great Fire of London.  We learned about why the fire spread so quickly and the children know that the houses are made of wood, they were so dry and the weather was hot. There was wind that helped to spread the fire and there were no fire brigades then, so it couldn’t be put out very quickly.  The children built houses made of construction in class and added paper flames to them.  We also learned about Samuel Pepys and his diaries and that he buried his cheese and wine to save them from getting burned!


We thought about our senses when imagining what it would have been like to be in London where the fire was.  The children talked about what the people would feel, hear, smell and see.  Their imaginations grew and we had some lovely ideas.


In maths we explored shape – particularly rectangles.  We learned that for a shape to be a rectangle, it needed to have 4 right angles and 4 straight sides, with 2 sides longer than the other 2 sides.  We learned that a square is a special kind of rectangle, with 4 sides of equal length.  The children then sorted the shapes on a simple grid by their properties, rather than their shape names.  We had circles, rectangles (including squares), triangles and irregular 4 sided shapes. 


We have been very busy practising our Nativity on the stage!  The children are trying hard to remember what to do and say.  Please help your child to practise their lines at home.  Please could you send in your child’s activity costume as soon as you have it please.  We’d like to have them all in by the week beginning the 5th December please.


In Monster Phonics this week we learned Cool Blue’s sound oo.

Please see the video in the Monster Phonics section of our web page to see the actions for the sounds up to the end.  There are no actions for the remaining digraphs and trigraphs but they link to the monsters.  You can find posters of all of them on the Monster Phonics section of our webpage.


Have a lovely weekend!