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Week beginning 26.02.24

Our Learning


We have had a brilliant first week back in Seals class. It has involved portraits, percentages and persuasion!


English -

This week, our focus in English is persuasive adverts. At the start of the week, we analysed a range of advertisements (including TV and radio adverts), looking for persuasive writing techniques. We then learnt about the acronym 'AFOREST' and used this to help us persuade people to buy/do something. Towards the end of the week, we have been planning and writing our own radio advertisements. The children have all invented their own machine which they have had to try and sell. They have used a range of persuasive techniques - focusing on language in their radio adverts and visuals in the poster adverts which they created today. Next week, we will be completing a range of writing tasks based around our new whole class read.


Maths -

We have started our fractions, decimals and percentages work this week. So far this has involved recognising fractions as division, understanding percentages, converting fractions to percentages, finding fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents, and ordering fractions, decimals and percentages. 


Geography -

We are continuing our Canada unit of work this week, with a focus on human geography. At the beginning of the week we learnt about some of Canada's major cities. These included Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec City and more. The children researched one of the major cities and created a fact file which included information about the city's population, flag, famous attractions and climate. Our second lesson this week looked at popular man-made tourist attractions in Canada. These included the CN Tower in Toronto, Parliament Hill in Ottawa and the Confederation Bridge which spans from Prince Edward's island to New Brunswick. The children wrote down key facts about each famous landmark, before identifying which they would like to visit most and why. Their final task was to then produce either a diary entry or postcard imagining they were lucky enough to have visited one of these spectacular destinations!



Homework -

Children have not been given a sheet of Maths or English homework to take home this week. Instead, we ask that they practise their spellings, times tables and read at home as much as possible. Homework will resume next week.


Spellings -


Year 6, Superhero Spelling - List 3












Spellings given out: Monday 26th February 2024

Spelling test: Monday 4th March 2024


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Bailey